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Digital Water Collection | IWA Publishing

Why Digital Water?

Digitalisation is happening everywhere and changing the way in which the world operates, delivering value to organisations around the world. However, digitalisation is understood differently by varying water sectors, as they are at different stages of digitalisation. For those starting the digitalisation journey, initial benefits can be gained through efficiencies - but it does not stop there. Increasingly, digital maturity leads to improved capacity to adopt more innovative uses of digital technologies, creating opportunities to develop new business models.

IWA Publishing created the Digital Water Collection to facilitate access to knowledge that can enhance the rate of success of digital initiatives. Pulling together relevant Open Access research from our various journals, we help promote dialogue on this topic and help to share the experiences of water professionals on their digital transformation journey.

The Digital Water Collection will share research covering the latest trends on technological advances. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the community's access to knowledge to enhance the rate of success of their digital initiatives and prowess, providing a resource to complement the Digital Water programme.

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