Dow Partners with Modern Water to Offer Improved Traceable Polymer System

Dow Partners with Modern Water to Offer Improved Traceable Polymer System

The new Traceable Polymer System will allow customers to experience a wider network of service points and application support.

Dow and Modern Water Inc ., a global leader in technologies for water and wastewater treatment, and brine monitoring, announced today a new strategic partnership whereby Modern Water becomes a global distributor of DOW OPTIDOSE™ and ACCENT™ Traceable Test Kits. This collaboration will expand Dow’s reach and offer customers the convenience of having direct access to the kit manufacturer and their monitoring capabilities.

“As a customer-centric company, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate,” said Pelumi Adeleke, global marketing manager with Dow. “By combining Modern Water’s network and expertise with Dow’s advanced solutions, our existing customers will be better-served and Dow’s position as a game-changer in the Water Treatment and Oilfield industry will be strengthened across the globe.”

DOW OPTIDOSE ™ and ACCENT ™ Polymers have been utilized in the field for decades because they consist of easy and permanent tags incorporated into the backbone of the molecule. The tag allows immunoassay reagents to specifically identify the polymers at ppm concentrations with minimal interference from other treatment components or contaminants.

With Modern Water’s expertise in the design, development and provision of analytical technologies, the Traceable Polymer System (i.e. field test kits) offers operational insight for service companies. The field test kits address needs in the segments of oil and gas as well as industrial water treatment industries. Enabling a greater understanding of the water chemistry and the ability to control the level of free polymer, the new system can provide assurance on treatment levels, and may ultimately prevent over/underdosing.