Fifteen Wastewater Treatment Plants in one High-Tech Control Room (Case Study)

Fifteen Wastewater Treatment Plants in one High-Tech Control Room (Case Study)

Water authorities play a pivotal role in the Netherlands, which is also reflected in the Rijnland water board’s slogan ‘Dry feet, Clean water’. The water board’s key activities include providing protection against the sea and flooding, maintaining the correct water level in polders and urban areas, and ensuring clean and healthy water in lakes, canals and ditches.

Another important task they perform is the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater in their operating area, which covers Wassenaar, IJmuiden, Amsterdam, Gouda – in short: large parts of the provinces of North and South Holland. With a catchment area with over 1.3 million inhabitants, the Rijnland water board is the largest water authority in the Netherlands.

René Smit, Environmental Manager in the IPM team (Integrated Project Management) of the Rijnland water board: “Just over seven years ago, the water authority identified a suboptimal performance level of the process automation in a number of Rijnland’s wastewater treatment plants. With the end of their technical life cycle soon approaching, several hardware components also needed to be replaced. At the same time, there was a need for a more centralised, i.e. remote, control and coordination system for the signalling and operating panel for all 15 wastewater treatment plants and 70+ pumping stations. ”

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