First Durable Water Repellent (DWR) agent based on plant-derived processing wastes

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First Durable Water Repellent (DWR) agent based on plant-derived processing wastes

RUCO-DRY BIO CGR is an absolute breakthrough and the first Durable Water Repellent (DWR) agent based on plant-derived processing wastes, according to Rudolf. In fact, RUCO-DRY BIO CGR is made of natural waste that accumulates as by-product during the processing of cereal grains in the food industry, the company adds. The leftover material that would otherwise be disposed of is refined to create a powerful water and stain repellent textile finish.

“By turning natural waste into DWR we have optimized the biologic character of RUCO-DRY BIO CGR where the active component is made of more than 90% bio carbon,” states Dr. Dirk Sielemann, R&D Director at Rudolf Group. He continues: “Although most of the product is composed by recycled biomass, RUCO-DRY BIO CGR meets the performance and durability of conventional water-repellent textile finishes.”

RUCO-DRY BIO NPE is an equally outstanding product innovation where DWR is entirely based on a carefully selected mix of natural plant extracts, Rudolf says. The well-balanced mix of plant-based ingredients combines excellent water and stain repellent effects with breathability and a natural hand feel. 

Unlike other 100% renewable raw materials, those used in the making of RUCO-DRY BIO NPE are chemically and genetically non-modified and are not used as food, feed or fuel, adds Rudolf. Furthermore, all of the plant extracts that compose RUCO-DRY BIO NPE are subject to a strict conservation and sustainability framework, it says. “That’s why the supply of RUCO-DRY BIO NPE is likely to remain limited to the creation and marketing of performance outdoor and sports apparel programs embedding state-of-the-art sustainable technology,” concludes Dr. Duschek.

Both RUCO-DRY BIO CGR and RUCO-DRY BIO NPE are marketed through the BIO-LOGIC trademark, registered by Rudolf Group.

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The combination of backwards integration, development know-how, exact knowledge of market requirements and thorough technical application expertise make RUDOLF GmbH an experienced and competent partner for the customers of the textile finishing industry, co-producers and many other industries. Quality Management and certification according to DIN ISO 9001:14001 go without saying. RUDOLF offers products that comply with the OEKO-TEX Standard and GOTS, is committed to ZDHC and is a bluesign system partner. In addition, adds Rudolf, as a member of the chemical industry, it lives the philosophy of the voluntary Responsible Care initiative, which stands for responsible action in the fields of environment, safety and health.