Fluence Unveils Submerged MABR Solution SUBRE with Announcement of Sales

Fluence Unveils Submerged MABR Solution SUBRE with Announcement of Sales

· Submerged MABR (SUBRE) available in retrofit and greenfield configurations

· Contracts have been awarded for two new housing developments in Jamaica

· Greenfield SUBRE selected over conventional wastewater treatment processes

Melbourne, New York March 18, 2019

Fluence Corporation Limited is pleased to announce the commercial launch of its SUBRE submerged membrane aerated biofilm reactor  solution, available in two configurations: as a retrofit upgrade, and as a new greenfield plant. The SUBRE configurations lend the innovation of MABR technology to large-scale, conventional wastewater treatment plants: expanding treatment capacity to accommodate higher inflows; providing intensified nutrient removal to meet stringent nutrient regulations; and progressing toward energy neutral treatment, without requiring any additional plant footprint. A SUBRE retrofit is designed to upgrade existing basins with capacities of 2,000-100,000 m3 /day (500k – 25m GPD). A SUBRE greenfield solution is custom-built to the customer’s specifications without extensive infrastructure, with small footprint and energy requirements, and in challenging or remote locations.


Reflecting the unique attributes of this wastewater treatment technology, immediately upon commercial launch Fluence is pleased to announce that it has secured its first orders for the SUBRE greenfield solution. Two SUBRE installations will be built with Jamaican local partner Engineering and Technology Associates, Inc. (“ETA”) to serve two new housing developments in the Kingston and Spanish Town areas of Jamaica owned by the National Housing Trust (“NHT”). The projects will be operated by the National Water Commission (“NWC”) and are expected to be commissioned in Q3 2019.

The first installation will consist of 12 SUBRE modules stacked 3 spirals high (as pictured) and will treat up to 370,000 GPD of domestic wastewater. The second installation will consist of 6 SUBRE modules and will treat up to 200,000 GPD. The treated water will be suitable for non-potable reuse. Fluence’s SUBRE greenfield solution was selected due to its low energy consumption, high effluent quality, and small footprint, all of which are ideal for remote locations. Once commissioned, the plant will feature low operating costs and will be easy to operate and maintain locally.

While Jamaica represents a new geography for Fluence’s SUBRE technology, the Company has been active in the Caribbean with its Smart Products Solutions – Aspiral™ and Nirobox™ – for many years.

Henry Charrabé, Managing Director and CEO of Fluence, commented: “With increased urbanization,

wastewater resource recovery facilities face new challenges. When a conventional wastewater treatment facility has reached its limit, Fluence’s newly launched SUBRE technology solves these challenges. Instead of enlarging current plants and building new basins, SUBRE modules are submerged in existing chambers, improving effluent quality, lowering the use of chemicals, saving energy and operational costs, and enlarging capacity. In addition, SUBRE technology can be installed in greenfield wastewater treatment plants to reduce the infrastructure needs and operating costs of traditional plants. We’re pleased to introduce our SUBRE line, and to celebrate its launch with the announcement of the sale of two SUBRE greenfield, submerged MABR installations.”