Fully Determined to Bring to Courts of Justice, Every Supporter for Climate Change

Fully Determined to Bring to Courts of Justice, Every Supporter for Climate Change
  1. No Burning of Fuels; NO Existence for Humans:  CO2 in air is the only and the lonely source of food for all creatures on this planet. Whenever any mouth would open to eat, this food is a carbon compound, coming from CO2 in air. All our foods, without one exception, are carbon compounds. Carbohydrates, proteins, saccharides, oils, fats, alcohols... are carbon compounds, again: vegetables, fruits, meats, bakeries... are carbon compounds, coming from CO2 in air. The bodies of all creatures without any exception are composed from water and carbon compounds coming from CO2 in air.
  2. CO2 Concentration is too small to impose any Climate Change: CO2 concentration in air is 400 parts per million, which corresponds to a cup of CO2 to 1 cubic meter (35 cubic feet) of air. To figure out by controlling this ratio we will be able to control all climatic disruptions like hurricanes, torrential rains flooding complete valleys, funnel clouds...is beyond ridiculous.
  3. The science of Meteorology could NOT realize that without an electric charge, no Cloud can be formed : this electric charge is coming from solar winds. Most climatic disruptions are fully dependent on the presence of clouds.  Our climate is totally dependent on the activity of our sun nuclear reactor, which is the source of these solar winds. Humans cannot have any impact at all.
  4. The illusion of Greenhouse Gases Effect: Heat Transfer by radiation is similar to the propagation of any electromagnetic wave, and does not depend on the medium. There is no relationship between Absorption Spectra and Heat Transfer.

More details can be found at:  www.defending-co2.org

YouTube Channel: Defending CO2 in Air Foundation

NO CO2 in Air; NO FOOD   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSCM7LGYIZU