Fundamentals — MICROrganic

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Fundamentals — MICROrganic

 short history of Wastewater…
Mother Nature Invented Wastewater Aeration; fast moving rivers aerate waste in water, removing organics to maintain healthy ecosystems. 
Brooks and streams naturally aerate water. Their tools: rocks and gravity that disturb and oxygenate the water. Microbes in a stream bed break down organic content using  oxygen in the water. This process is  the same way humans breathe. 

The result: Life in riverbeds thrive

It took humans longer to deal with waste in water:  

6000 years ago, the Mesopotamians invented sewers - a game changer for humanity. But sewers don’t treat waste; they just move wastewater away from where people live. For the next 6000 years, sewers were the only wastewater “technology”. 

As cities and towns grew larger, wastewater volume became a problem. In 1914, two young Englishmen developed an engineering platform that changed how we view wastewater: blowing air into wastewater. Aerating allows microbes to break down organic waste, just like what happens in natural streams, but at a steady, controllable pace. Despite Aerations advantages, it was not widely adopted in the US until the 1970’s, as a result of the US Clean Water Act. 

Since then, nearly all plants (municipal and industrial) treat waste using aeration. It is effective, but highly energy-intensive. Blowing air into wastewater requires a lot of energy.

Municipal & Industrial Aeration
Municipal and industrial wastewater have more similarities than differences.   Both are energy intensive (even new, more efficient systems).  Mechanical aeration uses ~4% of US Electricity, and on average 15-20% of a plant’s OpEx. Aeration uses 50% - 80% of the plant’s total energy use. 

Now, there is a better way.
MICROrganic’s VIVA technology changes wastewater in all the best ways.
Microbes treat the waste, while  decreasing treatment energy use  by 85%- 90%.  
AND, VIVA generates clean DC power and continuous, detailed process data.  
There is no other technology that can provide these benefits

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