Gold Mine Case Study

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Gold Mine Case Study

Aerofloat designed and built a sewage and wastewater treatment system for Tomingley Gold Mine to meet population growth at the site.

Aerofloat was engaged to upgrade the sewage treatment plant to treat domestic sewage from the central western New South Wales gold mine site.

“It was great to have the installation and commissioning period completed within the agreed timeframe, allowing minimal disruptions to our operations at Tomingley.”
Brian Pendergast, Tomingley Gold Operations

The Need

Alkane’s gold mine site at Tomingley required a new sewage treatment plant to replace the existing system and allow for up to 50% growth at the site.

The Solution

Aerofloat designed and installed its patented Sequence Batch Reactor (AeroSBR) technology to meet the daily wastewater flow rates and ensure compliant effluent that could be discharged via the exisiting irrigation system.

The Benefit

Aerofloat’s solution enabled Tomingley Gold Operations to treat its sewage and wastewater on site. The plant was able to manage the peak flow rates and allowed for the expected population growth at the site in the future.

The Aerofloat system was designed to integrate with the existing irrigation system that irrigates surrounding bushland, reducing the capital costs of the system.


Located approximately 50 kilometres south-west of Dubbo in central western New South Wales, Tomingley Gold Mine is a key site for well-known mining company, Alkane. Operated by Tomingley Gold Operations, the site has been in operation since early 2014.

The company upholds sensitive design processes to minimise environmental impact, including a small physical footprint, water recycling and conscientious waste residue treatment and storage.

The existing sewage treatment plant at the site required an overhaul to meet an expected population growth of up to fifty percent to 180 staff. Aerofloat was contracted to design and install a new sewage treatment system to treat the wastewater from the shower blocks plus general sewage treatment from the toilets.

Given the regional location of the site, Tomingley Gold Operations also wanted the system to be low maintenance and offer remote monitoring capabilities.


The Aerofloat Solution

Wastewater and sewage generated from the site’s office and facility buildings required a robust and flexible system that could adapt to the daily fluctuations in flow rates. Nearly half of the minimum 180 occupants were using the site for showers during the peak flow times, with that number expected to grow by half again in the near future. Aerofloat therefore recommended its innovative, adaptable biological system to tackle Tomingley Gold Operations’ wastewater and sewage.

Aerofloat designed its biological wastewater treatment solution using Sequence Batch Reactor (AeroSBR) technology, incorporating Air-Locked Syphon decanters and patented aeration lances that ensured minimal operational downtime.

Its SBR technology enabled suspended growth biological treatment process whereby the microorganisms in the wastewater can be aerated, settled and the treated clear effluent decanted in the same reactor, overcoming the need for a separate clarifier.

The Tomingley Gold Mine sewage treatment plant was designed to treat a future daily flow of 15.6m3/day and ensure effective treatment of the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and ammonia levels in the wastewater.

The AeroSBR was also designed to minimise operational downtime and servicing requirements. Aerofloat’s patented aeration lances were easily removed for cleaning even while the system was in use – saving Tomingley Gold Operations staff on system maintenance time.


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