H2OLL - drink the air

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H2OLL - drink the air

H2OLL is a new propriety and innovative atmospheric moisture harvesting technology, capable of extracting moisture from the air by an absorption-desorption cycle. The new technology generates year-long pure and safe drinking water supply along with constant low energy requirements at all seasons and in any geographic area and time of the day.

H2OLL vision is to provide an always-on, off grid, robust, affordable and reliable water service. H2OLL will promotes the poorest 10% of humanity by providing safe drinking water (health, education & equality) and will bridge the gap to the 21th century. H2OLL will also balance the environmental impact of consumers of bottled water in developed communities. A proof of concept prototype has been built and is currently working at the Technion’s Environmental Technologies Yard, producing water since fall 2019.

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