Helping Universities Reach Their Green Goals

Helping Universities Reach Their Green Goals

Many have taken to the press to make the public aware of the upcoming plans in which they now have underway .

For example, the University of Cambridge advised in the BBC news that they will be opening up their own climate research centre to focus on their chosen areas of actions – water consumption being one of them. Their target here is to ‘reduce water consumption by 20% by 2020 against a 2005 baseline’.

Whereas, there are those who may have already put their plans into action in certain ways that many people may not think of…

For instance, in 2017 Cardiff University in stalled their first batch of Propelair toilets. By 2019 they now a total of 40 toilets, which in turn achieves a saving of 90% of water annually; equating to 5,262,400 litres of water, plus savings of over £16,000 in water bills!

Most people who work within the education industry would understand and agree how extremely important it is to utilise every pound within their budget effectively. Therefore, savings such as this would not go to waste and could be used wisely in other areas of need.


According to a study by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, the total number of students enrolled in all 161 UK universities in 2017/18 was 2,343,095. Now if every student were to flush just the once, it would use over 21 million litres of water.

Whereas, if they all used Propelair toilets it would only use up to 3.5 million litres of water – saving over 17.5 million litres of water!

These are just some of the savings that could be had, as there are savings on costs for water bills, reduction in carbon emissions, maintenance and more that have not been taken into consideration.

You may ask what the benefits could be for the staff and students who would be using the toilets daily.

Well, we understand it isn’t always about the stats, that’s why we have looked at every aspect of the ‘washroom experience’. Our additional benefit of the SteriTouch handle, as well as Propelair’s unique closable lid ensures that hygiene is at an all-time high, reducing aerosolised germs by up to 95%; which all contributes towards a positive and healthy campus life.

Do you work in a university and would like to see how a Propelair could make a difference to your site? Visit Propelair's company page on The Water Network and give them a call.