How Can Water Treatment Help Facilities Overcome Current Challenges?

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How Can Water Treatment Help Facilities Overcome Current Challenges?

Facilities often face a myriad of obstacles that can dampen their operations and affect system performance. In this webinar we discuss how effective, efficient and eco-friendly water treatment can help facilities meet their own objectives.

Topics addressed:

• What water treatment solutions are available to improve the operational efficiency of facilities and reduce operational costs, whilst remaining compliant

• How can Resourcefully Green water treatment help facilities to mitigate their environmental impact, as well as reduce health and safety hazards

• Innovative water treatment technologies providing real-time condition monitoring to help manage risk remotely At NCH, we believe in success through science. We employ over 40 chemists and microbiologists to create products that are as effective as they can be, while minimising hazardous ingredients and environmental impact. The Resourcefully Green initiative is Chem Aqua’s commitment to provide environmentally responsible water treatment that minimises energy and water usage, while protecting the health and welfare of people, facilities and the environment. Find out more at:‚Äč or contact Chem-Aqua: Mark Doolin +353 (0) 879978700 Dan McCloy +44 (0) 7946435731

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