Hydraloop - award winning Smart Water Saving

Hydraloop - award winning Smart Water Saving

Hydraloop wins best of best award at CES 2020

Hydraloop ensures perfect and certified recycled water quality to save up to 45% on domestic water consumption

With a Hydraloop system you recycle up to 95% of shower & bath and optionally 50% of washing machine water so you recycle and reuse up to 85% of total in-house domestic water. Due to its innovative and breakthrough technology the system offers an excellent water quality, which is clean, clear, safe and certified and can be reused for toilet flushing, washing machine, garden irrigation or to top-up a swimming pool.

The Hydraloop works completely automatic and the Hydraloop smartphone App informs the amount of water you recycle & save per day/week/month. With the Hydraloop home App, you can also optimize water saving by checking the App, as it will assist and inform you. For example if, or at what time, there is sufficient recycled water to run the washing machine (If there is insufficient supply of recycled water, the Hydraloop will automatically switch to its back-up water). And if, for example, back-up water was used to flush the toilets or run the washing machine, the App will advice you could enjoy a longer shower, as you use the water anyway. With the Hydraloop home App you can also choose what priority you give to the usage of the recycled water; toilet flushing, washing machine or garden/pool.