Industry biggest user of Europe’s water • Water News Europe

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Industry biggest user of Europe’s water • Water News Europe

In Europe industry is the biggest user of water. Utilising a hefty 45 per cent the European industry uses annually more water than agriculture (30%). In Europe municipalities are withdrawing the smallest amount of water (26%). In other parts of the world agriculture is the biggest water consumer, according to the recently launched UN World Water Development Report.

Launched in conjunction with World Water Day, on 22 March, the United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR) report notes a regional distribution where industrial withdrawals averaged 17% of total water use in high-income countries but only 2% in low-income countries. The average for industrial water withdrawals hides a massive range, from 49–96% in the European Union (with the highest level in Estonia), to 0–5% in many countries of various income levels in other regions. In South Asia agriculture uses 91%, industry only 7% and municipalities 2%.

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