Jacobs Recognized with 11 Business Achievement Awards for Environmental & Climate Change Innovations

Jacobs Recognized with 11 Business Achievement Awards for Environmental & Climate Change Innovations

Awards reflect the firm's sustainable, technology-enabled approaches to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Jacobs has been recognized by Environmental Business International (EBI) with 11 business achievement awards for leadership and outstanding performance in its environmental and climate change work in 2018. The annual awards are administered by the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) and Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ) , two leading sources of business intelligence in the environmental industry.

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"Demand for smart, sustainable solutions to address complex environmental challenges continues to grow globally," said Jacobs Global Environmental Solutions Senior Vice President and General Manager Jan Walstrom. "These awards stand as a testament to our employees and clients who advance innovative technologies and sustainable approaches to improve the spaces we inhabit and transform communities for the better."

In conferring the awards, EBJ and CCBJ recognized the company for its leadership in technology, environmental restoration and remediation, climate change adaptation and resilience and social contribution.

Technology-Enabled Approaches

The world around us is becoming smarter and more connected – from vehicles, roadways and factories to water treatment plants, entire cities and even technologies that calculate detailed and robust analysis. Advancements in technology will continue to mature and shift how we live and operate in a digital world. By transforming intangible ideas into intelligent solutions, Jacobs is tackling the demands for water supply, smarter infrastructure and flood management.

EBJ – Technology Merit: Water Supply : Developed first-of-its-kind sustainable water supply solution for Lee County Utilities in Florida, increasing water supply flexibility and reliability of their treatment plant while reducing operational costs by as much as 60 percent.

EBJ – Technology Merit: Smart Cities: Extended Aurangabad Industrial Smart City project in India, integrating smart technologies and next-level infrastructure to transform AURIC (Aurangabad Industrial City) into a smart, green industrial city of the future.

CCBJ – Technology Merit: Climate Change Risk Modeling and Assessment: Launched Jacobs' Flood Cloud service that delivers quicker flood risk analysis results while enabling more climate change scenarios, at any scale, in the cloud.

Environmental Restoration and Remediation

With global demand for environmental clean-up and remediation services growing, planning and sustainability steps taken today can lead to healthier, climate-resilient environments tomorrow. From excavating and safely disposing of chemical compounds originating from a Superfund site, delivering triple bottom line benefits restoring industrial land at a coalfield, to helping rebuild reef beds for Australia's largest-ever reef reconstruction project – Jacobs delivers forward-looking innovative solutions that solve clients' toughest challenges.

EBJ – Project Merit: Remediation : Completed in-situ thermal treatment at Velsicol Superfund Site in St. Louis, Michigan, removing nearly 60,000 pounds of contaminants which posed an ongoing threat to residents and natural resources.

EBJ – Project Merit: Environmental Restoration: Developed numerical modelling and the engineering design to rebuild lost reefs for Windara Reef shellfish restoration project, restoring natural capital, creating a healthier environment and more human use value in South Australia.

EBJ – Project Merit: Brownfield Redevelopment : Restored heavily polluted industrial land at The Avenue Remediation and Landscaping Project, with client Homes England and partners, bringing long-lasting environmental, social and economic benefits and resiliency, habitats for wildlife and a development platform for community and residential opportunities.

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

Today's challenges of urbanization, resource scarcity, climate change, digital proliferation and security demand innovative approaches to deliver a more connected, sustainable world. Whether it's enhancing long-term groundwater supply, or safeguarding the environment, Jacobs works with clients, partners and communities to find better ways to deliver the best outcome.

CCBJ – Project Merit: Climate Change Resilient Infrastructure: Collaborated with the Government of Belize and Inter-American Development Bank for its Shoreline Management Plan that is improving disaster and climate resilience along coastlines.  

CCBJ – Project Merit : Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience: Commissioned by the New Zealand Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the Government of Kiribati for a feasibility study and conceptual plan of reclaiming inhabitable land, and transforming it into an urban development, resilient to predicted ocean levels.

CCBJ – Project Merit: Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience: Supported Hampton Roads Sanitation District in Virginia for its ground-breaking potable reuse project SWIFT (Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow) aimed at protecting the region's environment, enhancing long-term groundwater supply and helping address environmental pressures.

CCBJ – Policy Innovation Merit: Partnered with Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs), Water Corporations and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) on Catchment Carbon Offsets Trial In Victoria, Australia, achieving emissions reductions and providing triple bottom line benefits to complement climate change, water, catchment management and biodiversity strategies.

Social Contribution

Jacobs is committed to creating a culture of caring — a workplace that values the safety, positive mental health and sense of belonging of all employees. Jacobs' success in embedding health and safety into company practices and policies, using a variety of best practice approaches, demonstrating a long-term, in-depth commitment to employee health has been recognized for its industry-leading progress in mental health programs.

EBJ – Social Contribution Merit: Mental Health:  Mental Health Matters, a Jacobs company initiative, continues to develop a more inclusive environment where people feel safe, healthy and supported. Employees can become Positive Mental Health Champions, where they are trained in how to guide staff who have mental health concerns or crises, to the appropriate level of help; support fellow employees; and encourage positive mental health throughout the workplace.

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