Joint Venture (“JV”) to address the severe water crises to Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo

Joint Venture (“JV”) to address the severe water crises to Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo

Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. (OTC: RAKR) today announced a Joint Venture (“JV”) with the Carlaw Group Ltd. (“Carlaw”) to address the severe water crises across Africa. Carlaw and partners have been operating mission critical infrastructure projects in Africa since 2006.  This expertise will complement Rainmaker as it deploys its innovative Air-to-Water technology to bring water on-demand to communities lacking access to environmentally safe drinking water.

The partnership will distribute this water through a proposed water distribution agreement within the mining and construction sectors as well as through a bottled water operation using Rainmaker’s hybrid energy Air-to-Water solutions.  The partnership once fully deployed could reach USD $50 Million annually.

The JV will establish a subsidiary in Africa with a 51%/49% ownership Rainmaker/Carlaw that will implement Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) solutions in Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.  It will establish an urban initiative to work closely with the private sector and global humanitarian organizations to identify the areas experiencing severe water scarcity and then define appropriate and innovative solutions.

Rainmaker CEO Michael Skinner stated, “The agreement to supply our decentralized water solutions with our partner the Carlaw Group is another example of how Rainmaker’s technology can provide cost-effective water on-demand on an industrial scale to the world’s most water-scarce regions. Carlaw’s extensive relationships and working experience throughout Africa gives us direct access to critical infrastructure partners and industrial sectors to deliver massive offtake opportunities for our Water-as-a-Service solutions.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “2.2 billion people around the world do not have safely managed drinking water. Safe and readily available water is important for public health, whether it is used for drinking, domestic use, food production or recreational purposes.” Non-profit organization, affirms, “The water crisis is a health crisis. Nearly 1 million people die each year from water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases.” Global access to safe, clean drinking water would not only drastically improve the health of millions, but according to WHO, it would also be a massive contributor to poverty reduction and economic growth.

However, access to fresh water is not enough; Rainmaker understands that there is much more involved in delivering a modern clean water solution. In using Air-to-Water units, water produced is environmentally and socially sustainable, meaning it’s free of chemicals with zero to small carbon footprints. Rainmaker’s urban initiative will provide an approach to clean water and save lives.

Carlaw Group Ltd.’s Director Perry Kotsopoulos says, “The global water crisis has a crippling effect on social and economic conditions throughout Africa. It will continue to devastate under-served and struggling communities’ access to an essential human right – clean water. The Carlaw Group is committed to working with Rainmaker to deliver innovative channels of distribution allowing for quick access to such a critical resource.” 

About Rainmaker Worldwide Inc.

Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. (OTC: RAKR) is a leader in technology that produces clean, affordable water. Headquartered in Peterborough, Canada, with an innovation and manufacturing center in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the Company’s patented water technology provides economical drinking water at scale wherever it’s needed. On July 15, 2020, Rainmaker announced a merger agreement with Sphere 3D, expected to close by the end of 2020 pending on customary regulatory and shareholder approvals. This acquisition presents tremendous growth opportunity providing additional access to capital markets to help solve the global water crisis on a greater scale. Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. was recognized as the Best Community Impact Water Solutions Global 2020 by Capital Finance International.  For more information about Rainmaker, visit

About the Carlaw Group Ltd.

Carlaw Group Ltd. is ideally placed to serve our investment partners by offering in-depth market knowledge and extensive experience throughout the African continent. Our management teams 20 years of experiences operating in the region providing critical insights for Africa-based transactions, particularly in natural resources. Our in-depth knowledge of legal, economic and political issues in unique transactional and public policy combination to help clients achieve their Africa business strategies. Successfully investing in Africa requires a keen ability to quantify and mitigate not only financial risk, but also legal and political risk. Indeed, often the hardest risks to quantify – the risks most likely to prevent financing – are those largely controlled by a government. Our ability to strategically engage the public policy mechanism, in concert with our legal expertise, helps clients successfully enter markets, overcome challenges while operating there, and protect and grow their investments – something few other firms can offer.  With our team of dedicated lawyers and key members throughout the continent, we support our partners across a range of industry sectors to successfully execute African inbound investment from all major markets.