Lagunitas Brewing company

Lagunitas Brewing company

Lagunitas Brewing Company, a brewery located in California, is enhancing its environmental performance by using Global Water & Energy technologies.

ew0KICAiYnVja2V0IjogImVlLWZpbGVzIiwNCiAgImtleSI6ICJmaWxlcy8yMTA4MS9hcnRpY2xlcy8xMDA3MDc0LzIxMDgxXzhfMjAyMDEyMDExMjE5MjA4MDEwMjY0X3Jhdy5wbmciLA0KICAiZWRpdHMiOiB7DQogICAgInJlc2l6ZSI6IHsNCiAgICAgICJmaXQiOiAiY29udGFpbiIsDQogICAgICAiYmFja2dyb3Vu.pngThe core of the new wastewater treatment plant from GWE are 2 Anubix™-T reactors, using expanded granular sludge bed Technology.

In these challenging times this new WWTP was a huge achievement, which we only managed to complete due to the efforts of our complete GWE team!






ANUBIX™ – GWE’s Upflow Anaerobic Reactors

Wastewaters from the food and beverages industry, pulp and paper mills and from the chemical industry are highly loaded with organic pollutants and can be treated advantageously by means of anaerobic processes. Varying wastewater components and the wide range of possible COD concentrations, however, require the use of different anaerobic reactor types, each adapted to the specific situation.