March 11, 2019 Release Notes

Release notes March 11, 2019

Dear User,

We are constantly working on the improvements of The Water Network/Tallium.

Since the last time, we have updated many features and fixed reported bugs.

Here is the list of the all improvements that we have introduced in this release.

New features for The Water Network

  1. New Onboarding process on The Water Network is completely redone and updated. The new onboarding process is split into the new steps which should help users to boost their business or to join The Water Network as regular users and exchange knowledge.

    1. First step – Set Expertise is greatly improved. The page is redesigned and improved, and the user is better prompted to select terms that describe his expertise.

    2. I would like to - /My Business. After setting the expertise, the user can choose what he/she would like to do. This new step is named "I would like to". This step can be skipped and is more like a shortcut and guide to assist the user. Logged in users will have an extra icon in the top navigation which will open "I would like to" - to post a product, job, or to join discussions.

      1. Joining the knowledge sharing will require from the user to complete the required fields of their profile (first name, last name, email, and expertise) As last step, members will be asked to join to recommended groups and communities for them.

    3. Posting a product or announcing a job opening is now faster and from the same screen the user can create and sponsor several products or jobs. On the first step user will create a product or a job, and on the second step, it will be asked if he wishes to create another one or to sponsor previously created.

We hope that you will like the new onboarding!

Improvements for Users

  1. Attached files can be removed only from the edit mode: Previously content author and the platform admins were able to remove attached files from the content without needing to enter edit mode causing confusion and not consistent with permissions.

  2. Company page updates: We have improved company pages in a number of ways:

    1. Company Administration role enhanced

      1. Members creating offers can edit their own offers (products/services, bids, updates) and can view the analytics for those items

      2. Company admins can decide who to make an admin

      3. NOTE: All previous admins have been made regular members unless they were the creator of the company.

    2. All companies now can post company updates (news case studies, press releases…).

    3. the number of company members is displayed in a widget.

    4. icons for company social profiles are larger and more obvious.

    5. if the company is promoted, the company logo is now clickable in Promoted section in Business Exchange and published date has been removed.

    6. Removed promote banner at the top, edited i work here and

  1. Bids list: Bid list is now more compact, and important information like bid opening and closing date are more obvious.

  2. Improved image preview: Images now can be viewed in lightbox mode. Huge whitespace is taken away, added previous and next image navigation, and the sidebar with the image information.

  3. Removed Next button on the last tab when editing profile

  4. Improved data ordering for default state on all list pages so sort by date is displayed right away.

Bug fixes

  1. The content was not opening in the same tab/window: Fixed bug when the user clicks on some content, in particular, content from a sub-instance from the home page, the platform was returning error 404 not found. Reloading the page or opening the content in the new tab was a workaround.

  2. Fixed issue with instance filters on Members page: Filtering was not working by instance, so all members were always displayed.

  3. The blog preview image was missing if there are more than two attachments.

  4. Improved error handling on the user’s profile - tab with the error will be automatically displayed

Improvement for Managers

  1. In the daily digest email date is included in the subject, so now is more obvious for what day each digest is sent

  2. Added column with assigned user roles: Managers now can see assigned user roles on the members' list page.