Mastermind - Scaling UP! H2O

Mastermind - Scaling UP! H2O

For far too long water treatment professionals have been working as islands, trying to do everything on their own.  When people get together, they can create a “flywheel effect” where collective efforts can eventually make monumental strides in their lives.  This all starts with people wanted to be successful at whatever they are doing.  Have you ever thought about your own success? 

Let's begin with two questions: 

  1. How do you measure success?   

  2. And, how do you become more successful?  

Working in the water industry is one of the most challenging jobs out there.   So many of us are busy keeping our heads above water with everything our day demands of us.  With all of these demands placed on us, it is hard to take a “breath” sometimes.  Are you ready for a lifeboat?   

One of the “secret weapons” to my success has been my membership into a mastermind group.  A mastermind group is a group of people who get together with the sole purpose of making each other better.  Better at however that person defines success.  In fact, it was in a mastermind group that I was asked to define what I considered successful.  Now that I have that definition, my definition, I can focus my efforts where they count the most.  And the best part, is I have the help of all the other mastermind group members to help me, to motivate me and hold me accountable to do the things I say I am going to do. 

I am excited to announce that I have created the first mastermind group for water treatment professionals.  It is called the Rising Tide Mastermind .  The Rising Tide Mastermind is a group designed to help people like you get above the day to day so they can start working on the day.  When we work on our days, instead of living our days by default, we can not only get that valuable “breath” , we can make monumental strides toward our success.   Life is hard already, so why not get some help getting into that “lifeboat”  ?

The Rising Tide Mastermind is a group that gets together to help each other succeed.  Our groups are designed to help people just like you define success and then help you achieve that success.  So, if you are ready to be pushed to the next level and help others with that same push, The Rising Tide Mastermind might be right for you. 


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