Mobilising Change: 10 years of climate resilient water investments

Mobilising Change: 10 years of climate resilient water investments


In January 2020, the Global Water Partnership (GWP) embarked on its new ambitious and bold strategy towards 2025. ‘Mobilising for a Water Secure World’ aims to influence more than €10 billion in global water-related investments over the next five years and significantly advance the water-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for more than 4 billion people living in 60 countries and 20 transboundary basins across four continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Africa, a region most vulnerable to climate change yet contributing less than 3 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions GWP and partners will, through the Continental Africa Water Investment Programme, influence over €30 billion in gender transformative water and climate investments to narrow the water investment gap by 2030.

Current actual investments are estimated at €10 billion to €19 billion of the €64 billion required to meet the socio-economic needs of the continent.

The foundation of these bold targets has been laid by more than two decades of on-the-ground work by GWP and its partners around the world, influencing change in water governance systems to adopt approaches to integrated water management that are sustainable and inclusive.

GWP and its partners have influenced water investments of more than €1.2 billion in the last decade alone.

In the early 2000s, GWP began a journey to promote water as a key part of sustainable regional and national development and to contribute to climate change adaptation for economic growth and human security. Building on the globally accepted principles of integrated water resources management, and its knowledge of how to bring about change in water governance, the Partnership has assisted governments around the world to improve national water security and meet pressing social and economic needs. 

Significant impact and changes have been achieved through a portfolio of climate resilience programmes that are increasing understanding of the vital connections between water and climate change, and of the investments needed to build resilience.


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