Naneau Water: Before & After Blood Analysis

Naneau Water: Before & After Blood Analysis

Recently the US Patent office granted a patent for a novel nanoplasmoid technology. This nano-technology goes beyond the traditional nanobubble, and creates a charged gaseous toroid inside of the generated nanobubbles. Results, achieved over the last four years, have demonstrated efficacy for supercharged drinking water, supercharged irrigation water, and unique solutions for the other areas of industry mentioned above.

It has been four years since the discovery that led to the patent filing for the next water revolution, the one that has paved the way for the future of water technology, going beyond the simple nanobubble. During that time, traditional nanobubble technology has made in-roads in industry and has been used to control algae, treat wastewater, to polish semiconductors as well as restoring dead ocean harbors. In this time, parallel to these uses for traditional nanobubbles this next leap forward the nanoplasmoid, or supercharged-gas filled nanobubble has proven to be even more exciting.

Traditional nanobubble technology has made in-roads in industry and has been used to control algae, to treat wastewater, to polish semiconductors and to restore dead ocean harbors. In parallel to these great uses, an exciting discovery has been made that goes beyond these traditional uses.

The first application of this technology was in the Center for New Medicine, a treatment facility, located in Irvine, California. There, patients who are facing life threatening illness, receive full body immersion therapy in nano-oxygen enhanced water that incorporates this exciting new technology. This immersion therapy protocol has been proven to be soothing restorative and greatly beneficial:

Another early installation took place at the Nirvana Spa, of Reading, England, the only 6 star health and beauty spa in the United Kingdom. The facility boasts a Roman Coliseum themed nano-oxygen filled swimming pool that offers a thrilling experience for those lucky enough to soak and bask in the waters. Plans for a new hydrotherapy-balneotherapy clinic are underway, and the technology has been tested in a first ever of its'' kind, spa-hydrotherapy capsule, designed to immerse the body in electron supercharged enhanced oxygen, hydrogen, ozone or other exotic gas filled water:

In addition to clinic and spa use, the technology has been installed into two bottled drinking water plants that are currently bottling in the idyllic southern English countryside, where the country''s most pristine springs are located. The result is a new kind of oxygen-loaded bottled water that is soft in the mouth due to the unique springs and relaxed surface tension created by the electron rich supercharged nanobubbles. This water is being marketed by Kure H2O in the UK and sold in Asia, Another application in the Rocky Mountains, in the USA was tested, and early reports show amazing effects and extremely beneficial hydration including dissipating the symptoms of high altitude sickness ( /). Testing is ongoing for inclusion into sports recovery beverages, and enhanced nano-emulsion CBD water as well as a plethora of new products never before possible. A new bottled water product is planned for the USA market, this year, called Naneau O2, and will soon be available for wholesale and retail distribution.