New Smart Maintenance Business Launched in the U.K.

New Smart Maintenance Business Launched in the U.K.

Black & Veatch has launched a Smart Maintenance business to support utility clients in the UK. The new offering builds upon the company's technology-led asset management consulting experience – and its programme management, logistics and delivery expertise – to create digitally enabled onsite maintenance teams.

Our Smart Maintenance business delivers a major evolution in the approach to delivering maintenance services. The big development is that our asset management support is typically delivered at the strategic level; smart maintenance is about helping clients implement those strategies on the ground, said Mark Malcolm , Black & Veatch Europes Director for the new business. We have designed and constructed many of our clients assets, and developed strategies to manage them, so we are uniquely placed to help clients maintain them in the most efficient, effective manner.

Smart Maintenance fits within the concept often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution and the shift to cyber-physical systems. For Black & Veatch, Smart Maintenance entails combining established technology-driven maintenance methodologies and smarter instrumentation, control and automation technology. This will be enabled by Black & Veatchs own data analytics capabilities and visualisation dashboards; and the capabilities of its new artificial intelligence and machine learning strategic partner EMAGIN.

Black & Veatchs new smart maintenance teams support is grounded in:


The development of Smart Maintenance is a further extension of Black & Veatchs UK utility offering into the infrastructure and capital maintenance sphere. By focussing initially on water but with a view to broadening to other sectors, the offering also supports a drive for greater diversification.

Source: Global Banking and Finance