New Water Treatment Pilot-scale Testing & Technology Development Facility

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New Water Treatment Pilot-scale Testing & Technology Development Facility

Maven Water & Environment Opens New $5 Million Water Treatment Pilot-scale Testing & Technology Development Facility

Saskatoon-based cleantech company drives global innovation in clean water technology

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Maven Water and Environment announced opening a new $5 million water treatment pilot-scale testing and technology development facility in Saskatoon. The 8000 square foot facility is the first-of-its-kind in North America, providing advanced clean water solutions for sustainable development of natural resources globally, and enabling over 50 engineering and technology jobs locally.

Where conventional water treatment processes can produce toxic wastes that need to be landfilled, and require large amounts of electricity and harsh chemicals, Maven uses proprietary technology that applies natural biological processes, free of harmful chemicals. These include engineered treatment wetlands, bioreactors, and treatment of tailings ponds and pit lakes right at the source. Maven's innovative technology enables a safe and sustainable solution for mining and oilsands operations.

"We are thrilled to open up our new facility in Saskatoon, enabling our team to further expand our services globally, and invest in new innovation and technology that has a direct positive impact on our environment," said Dr. Monique Simair, CEO, Maven. "Our team is proud to be creating a new standard in water treatment, while opening up exciting consulting and technology research and development job opportunities locally."

"Dr. Monique Simair for more than a decade has been one of this city's top innovators, top entrepreneurs, and chief champions," says Saskatoon mayoral candidate, Rob Norris.  " Today I recognize and commend her continuing leadership and dedication especially as it relates to protecting the global environments and bringing more jobs to Saskatoon."

The startup company headquartered in Saskatoon, began operations in 2019. In their first year, Maven has expanded their services across Canada and South America, including mining sites for uranium, gold, metallurgical coal, and other metals involved with low carbon energy production.

Maven's new facility can mimic climates of a range of mine sites and features energy-efficient growth chambers, walk-in incubators, coolers, and freezers for bioreactors, treatment wetlands, and in-situ treatment customization. Their laboratories have been designed with capability for microbiology and biogeochemistry assays, specific to the mining and oil and gas sectors.

About Maven
Maven's vision is to create a sustainable future, where we can produce clean energy with minimal impact on our water resources and the natural environment. The mining and oil and gas sectors produce many materials critical to the advancement and application of clean energy. By empowering people through technology, we have developed a range of natural and powerful water treatment and source control technologies to ensure our water resources remain safe while sourcing the materials needed for a sustainable future.