Next-Generation UV-LED Water Purification System

Next-Generation UV-LED Water Purification System

Acuva Technologies Launches Next-Generation Eco-NX UV-LED Water Purification System and Point-of-Entry System Development 

Acuva Technologies Inc, a global leader in UV-LED drinking water purification technology recently announced two new additions to its growing portfolio of products. Both systems feature Acuva's patented IntenseBeam™ technology, delivering high disinfection with low maintenance requirements.

The new Eco-NX product series offers reliable Point-of-Use UV-LED water disinfection for home, marine and RV applications. It's first release, the Eco-NX Silver, is the world's first PoU UV-LED system to receive NSF/ANSI 55-2019 Class B Certification.


The Eco-NX Silver will be available in early 2020 as Acuva's most affordable consumer UV-LED water purification system, replacing the Eco 1.0. Its enhanced design features a more compact form factor, safely purifying water to NSF/ANSI 55-2019 Class B standards at a 1.2 LPM flow rate. It features built-in instant flow-sensing activation.

NSF International recently released NSF/ANSI 55-2019 to include test protocols for LED-based systems. Acuva played a leadership role in the development of this important update as part of the International Task Group. "This is an incredible achievement for the industry and wouldn't have been possible without extensive effort and dedication within the community. " stated Dr. Ashkan Babaie, Acuva's Director of Advanced Engineering.

"We are glad to see updated regulatory measures applied across the UV-LED water disinfection system industry," said Manoj Singh, President & CEO of Acuva. "Verified microbial disinfection is a critical consideration for consumer health and safety. We intend to have all our products certified to these standards going forward."

The development of a new Point-of-Entry (PoE) UV-LED water disinfection system was also announced. This high-performance system offers flow rates from 8 to 20 GPM with minimal maintenance. Acuva's PoE UV-LED water disinfection systems provide microbiological disinfection performance as per the industry standards. The highly anticipated system will be available in mid-2020.