Nutrient runoff pollution reduction pilot tests to enhance community waterways

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Nutrient runoff pollution reduction pilot tests to enhance community waterways

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The National Algae Association is facilitating nutrient runoff pollution reduction at nonpoint sources entering waterways demonstration pilot tests to enhance community waterways and waterbodies water resilience by using nutrient (N+P) runoff to grow algae biomass for biofertilizer and other potential products.

New On-Location Nutrient Runoff Capture, Recycling and On-Board Algae Bloom and HAB Capture, Remediation and Repurposing Pilot Tests are planned for Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Iowa. Both EPA and USDA have grants available for these types of demonstrations projects. 

I. On-Location Mobile Algae Production Equipment RFP (for 1-5 acre sites)

  1. Field Effluent Pumps
  2. Nutrient Runoff Capture and Separation/Filtration Equipment
  3. Banks of Horizontal and Vertical Closed-Loop Photobioreactors (PBR's)      
  4. Algae Harvesters
  5. Algae Dryers
  6. Food-Grade Conical tanks
  7. Instrumentation


II. On-Board Algae Bloom and HAB Mobile Remediation Technology and Equipment RFP  (dams, reservoirs, lakes, bays, coastlines)

  1. On Water Capture Equipment
  2. On Board Clean Water Recycling Equipment
  3. Proven Algae Bloom and HAB Remediation Technologies
  4. Frac Tanks
  5. Dewatering/Separation Equipment
  6. Commercial Dryers
  7. Food-Grade Conical Tanks
  8. Instrumentation


***Note: All technologies used in pilot tests must be proven outside the lab, scalable and economically feasible to participate. 

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