Open Source Community flood model organized by Ole Nielsen

Open Source Community flood model organized by Ole Nielsen

ANUGA (Hydro) is a Free and Open Source Software Project that provides a 2D Finite Volume Shallow Water Wave Solver on a Flexibly Sized Triangular Grid. It can utilise Rainfall in a grid format (RADAR) directly and apply it over entire catchments. yet it can also model sub meter detail such as bridge piers if required. Being free it is available to any one who wants to download it. Making it available to nations and organisations with minimal or limited (or no) budgets for software. Hence it is utilised in many poorer countries and communities.

It is being utilised by universities throughout Asia and Africa as a Teaching Tool. Also the Open Source allows others to contribute to the code and sharing it with everyone, such as Mariella Perignon's Erosion and Sediment Transport Code... or the Victorian Dept. Primary Industry's Infiltration Code. The Current Funding Drive is specifically aimed at LINKING the proven EPA-SWMM code to ANUGA to provide a robust and Accurate 2D overland Flood Model with the capacity to fully account for a complex Urban Drainage Pipe Network.   Contributions of even a single $1 will assist many who need access to this software, and the mapping it produces to keep vulnerable communities safe.... by accurately identifying the hazards that exist due to extreme rainfall, tsunami and ocean Surge.  

Please spread the Word, and consider helping fund this initiative, as the benefit to many far less privileged than many in the developed world will be very thank full.

Please look at

and Consider Donating to Support this very worthwhile cause that aids Poorer communities stay Safe