Opportunity Open Wide for Nanobubble Generator Developers – Nano bubble

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Opportunity Open Wide for Nanobubble Generator Developers – Nano bubble

The chance discovery of a novel, safe and cost-effective way to generate within a liquid tiny bubbles of gas invisible to the naked eye (nanobubbles) by two alert and inquisitive researchers in the School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering has the potential to transform a panoply of industrial sectors worldwide. This discovery, made four years ago, has progressed to an advanced stage, with a spin-out company established to support the commercialisation of the patented new technology.

The easily controlled method to promote bulk-nanobubble formation has significant potential in strategically important industries worldwide, including the wastewater treatment, food/beverage production, and chemical and (bio) pharmaceutical sectors. Other potential applications include irrigation, hydroponics, oil recovery, (bio-) gas separation and, perhaps most important of all, emissions control from carbon sources such as power plants and cement and steel production.

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