Over 20 Innovation Champions Complete Innovation Champion Certificate at South East Water UK

Over 20 Innovation Champions Complete Innovation Champion Certificate at South East Water UK

The participants who volunteered to join the community from across the business, teamed up to deliver multi-departmental initiatives as part of the certified and accredited programme.


Initiatives were diverse and ranged from enhancing site recycling rates to the development of new systems and technologies.


The teams applied methods and processes learned throughout the 9 sessions to better define challenges, seek sponsorship, research and test assumptions, co-design and validate solutions with beneficiaries, stakeholders, supply chain.


Mary Sabalis , Head of Digital at South East Water said;

‘It was fantastic to see how much had been achieved in such a short amount of time.  There was great consistency in how the teams had approached the diverse issues and opportunities.’


Paul Sutherland , Managing Director of +ADD Strategy said;

‘The new methods and tools the teams used demonstrate the value of design thinking.  We consider it is essential to enable this capacity in complex businesses such as Water Companies who are focussed on meeting challenging performance targets’


Some of the projects developed during the programme offered substantial efficiencies, enhanced customer value and new revenues to the business and are set to be implemented with the support of management.


Tertius Rust, Head of Innovation at South East Water said;

‘This is one of several initiatives we are delivering to build agile and design-led innovation capacity.  We will be delivering a range of innovation campaigns both internally and with the supply chain community this year’.


+ADD Strategy is retained as an innovation partner for South East Water and is delivering a diverse range of initiatives supporting innovation strategy, culture, systems, processes practical programme delivery.


For more information on Innovation training programmes available visit +ADD Strategy's website