Part of the solution for the EU energy crisis is already there, right under your feet - Energy Post

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Part of the solution for the EU energy crisis is already there, right under your feet - Energy Post

Every single day, every city on the planet is flushing vast and valuable quantities of thermal energy literally down the drain, wasting the opportunity to recycle wastewater heat. In response, a new information and global mapping portal for wastewater heat recycling has been launched by a leading group of experienced engineers and expert map-makers.

The amount of thermal energy available within wastewater is enormous — typically 20%-35% of total housing energy and up to 40% of low-temperature heat used in commercial and industrial sectors gets turned into hot water, which then goes down the city sewers, simply flushed away, every single day.

The current energy crisis in the EU, being driven by an urgent move away from Russian gas & oil, will require a change in thinking about where energy comes from and how it is used. Heating for homes, buildings and industries is a large part of the energy usage in the EU, and the REPowerEU strategy aims to electrify heating via a massive transition to heatpumps over the next few years. This will place new demands on city electrical networks, coming at the same time as electrification of transportation (cars, bikes, light commercial etc.) also placing new demands on city electrical networks. Planning and management of these competing energy demands will be difficult.

But all European cities have wastewater networks right under your feet, carrying huge amounts of free low-grade heat. This heat energy is already in the city, where it is needed by buildings, and the infrastructure collecting and transporting this heat (the sewer network) is already built and available. Sadly, this energy is typically just ignored and flushed away every day.

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