Pioneering Technology to Speed Up Leak Detection and Improve Water Supplies in Sunderland

Pioneering Technology to Speed Up Leak Detection and Improve Water Supplies in Sunderland

Pioneering new technology which will help speed up leak detection and improve customer′s water supplies, is being installed into water pipes across Sunderland.

Northumbrian Water is working with communications giant BT, to deliver a Smart Water project to help improve its network performance across the North East.

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This innovative project will see around 150 sensors deployed in pipes in the water network across the Sunderland area for six months, as part of a 12-month pilot study.

The smart sensors will capture and process data on a range of factors about how the network is functioning, providing real-time operational insights into water flow, pressure and quality.

This means that Northumbrian Water can use the technology for the benefit of its customers and the environment - identifying issues such as burst pipes, or leaks quicker and easier than ever before.

It will also help the company to have a better understanding about how the network can impact on water quality changes and allow it to manage this proactively.

Nigel Watson, Group Information Services Director for Northumbrian Water, said: "We′re delighted to be working with BT on this pilot project in Sunderland, which is just another example of how we apply innovation to our everyday work.

"It represents a real step forwards towards the Smart Water network of the future, transforming the level of insight we have into our network′s operations and driving improvements for customers. The idea first came out of our Innovation Festival and the innovative technology that BT uses made them a great choice of partner for developing and delivering our Smart Water pilot project.

"We′re keen to understand whether it can be rolled out across our entire North East network to deliver benefits for all of our customers."

Chris Sims, Managing Director - Strategy, Marketing and Digital at BT, said: "We are really excited to provide the connectivity and insight needed to deliver a truly integrated Smart Water network for Northumbrian Water.

"It′s a great example of how innovative technology can be used to deliver a better experience to customers and we′re thrilled to work with one of the most innovative water companies in the UK to fully realise the transformational benefits of this technology."

Source: Northumbrian Water