Propelair How It Works

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Propelair How It Works

Propelair has one goal: saving the world’s water resources, with every flush. It is the world's lowest water usage flush toilet, specifically for commercial use. The average UK toilet uses 6-9 litres of water to flush. Propelair uses just 1.5 litres of water & displaced air technology to create a powerful, high-performance flush which easily removes all waste with 1 flush. Because less water is needed, its system reduces the carbon footprint of the average toilet by 80%.

Propelair reduces water & sewage bills by up to 60% while paying for itself in just 1-3 years. It eliminates aerosolised germs (including Covid-19) by up to 95%, thanks to a closed-lid flush, creating a more hygienic washroom environment for users. Additionaly, the Solution refills in 30 seconds, reducing queues. It can be retrofitted to existing drains, requiring little to no refurbishment prior to installation. It's robust design makes it well suited for corporate & commercial washrooms, reducing maintenance costs.

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