Resettlement Induced by Dams in China

Resettlement Induced by Dams in China

Massive economic construction in China has caused millions of involuntary resettlars. Of it, the

resettlement induced by dams attracted much attention. The paper first reviews the relevant policies, laws

and regulations of land acquisition, demolition, relocation and resettlement in different periods.

Especially it points out the changes on approval limit and compensation standard. It also describes main

policies respectively from the aspects of general and sector special policies, policies in practice and

special policies for projects, particularly the new policies on reservoir resettlars. Later, the paper

introduces the relevant institutions set for resettlement in China, so as well the general four resettlement

implementation phases. Further, the paper compared the involuntary resettlement policies of the World

Bank with those of China. As a case, the paper talks about Three Gorges Dam Project on its key

resettlement policies, progress and effectiveness. At last the paper summarized China’s experience of

success in the past decades and also, drew the lessons from the failures.