Reverse Osmosis is Totally Inappropriate process for seawater desalination

    To All who are concerned about Reverse Osmosis for Seawater Desalination:

Please, please try to figure out Reverse Osmosis is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE process for desalination as it consumes a lot of energy to operate the multistage feeding pumps, and the needed pressure increases as the salinity of feed water increases.   

    While at the same time Room Temperature Evaporation does NOT need any external supply of energy to separate water vapor from saline water. Every person knows about Room Temperature Evaporation as any surface water is continuously evaporating, without any energy supply. We did not hide anything, we are providing all details of Room Temperature Evaporation in our website:, just do the same and you will be safeguarding yourself...

    The Second Most Drastic Mistake of desalination projects: They are not taking responsibility to return back to seas the treated sewage water of generated potable water they produce, contributing to increased seas salinity. Please try to imitate nature: Rain water is generated by Room Temperature Evaporation, next it is collected in rivers, we consume rivers water and we return our treated sewage back to rivers, next rivers return back waters back to seas. This way sea water remained with constant salinity as long as the ingenius humans did not touch anything??????