Save Our Planet's Most Precious Resource- “Every Drop Counts”

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Save Our Planet's Most Precious Resource- “Every Drop Counts”

It is obvious that a human being cannot survive without using water, and that our human body is 70% water. Consequently, if we are unable to safeguard our water, it will eventually impair our future, and humanity will confront an existential dilemma as a result of water scarcity.

Our future surviving on Earth is unquestionably dependent on the future of water; for example, if we did not have water in the future, we would perish; hence, the future of humanity is most dependent on water. Because of the scarcity of water, not only humans but also the little and large creatures that dwell all over our world will suffer.

Water is crucial to our daily lives for a variety of reasons. The most basic requirement for survival is the ability to consume water. Water is also utilized for various daily activities such as washing clothes, bathing, cleaning dirt, cleaning dishes, and many others. Using these uses of water in our daily lives, we may recognize who, what, and how important water is in our lives.

If we want to continue using water in the future, we must save water and use it appropriately so that future generations do not suffer a water scarcity problem.

How can we save water for the future?

As we take efforts to save water for the future, we may truly do some things that will help us in the long run.

What is the significance of water to us?

Here are some of the most important reasons why we must value water.

1) Human Body Need Water

2) Farming Needs Water

3) For Daily Human Activities

We must perform numerous actions such as washing clothes, taking a shower or bath, cleaning our mouths, cleaning dirt, and many more. To continue receiving the benefits of water for a longer amount of time in the future, we must preserve water and recognize the worth of water.

Future Wars May Be Over Water


A lack of water across above discussed bodies of water could exacerbate existing tensions between countries and cause societal upheaval and wars.

Use Water Judiciously to Avoid Future Wars!!