Selective ​Sodium Removal ​Unit to Help ​Growers Improve ​Irrigation ​Quality ​

Selective ​Sodium Removal ​Unit to Help ​Growers Improve ​Irrigation ​Quality ​

Ridder, a Dutch family-owned company and supplier of smart inside greenhouse technology unveiled their innovative technology, most notably the Ridder NoNa+ selective sodium removal unit.

This membrane and electrodialysis technology enables sodium-free re-circulation - reports HortiDaily. "Nona+ guarantees sustainable selective sodium removal", they show. "It reduces the  harmful Na+ levels in irrigation water without loss of reusable fertilizer or having the need to ad expensive minerals." 

NoNa+ Selective Sodium Removal  

Ridder has developed the Ridder NoNa+ Selective Sodium Removal unit as existing technologies to help growers reduce sodium levels in their drain and irrigation water are often inadequate. Besides lowering sodium levels, reverse osmosis technologies also remove expensive, reusable fertilizers and beneficial polyvalent ions. Technologies based on ion exchange, meanwhile, require the addition of costly minerals such as potassium chloride.

"Ridder NoNa+ is the perfect solution for growers with poor access to high-quality irrigation water or those facing high fertilizer bills, allowing them to start saving and grow healthier and stronger crops", they say.

Find more info on Ridder's upcoming technology presentations on the company's website.