Singapore Startup Finds New Ways to Purify Water

Singapore Startup Finds New Ways to Purify Water

Water-stressed Singapore bets on new technology to secure supply

By Peter Guest, Asian Review

André Stoltz calls his company's feature product a "super-absorbent" sponge: a carbon-fiber filter made from recycled paper and cotton that can suck oil or industrial contaminants out of water.

The company, EcoWorth, a start-up spun out of the National University of Singapore three years ago, has so far raised around $1 million through grants, angel investments and bootstrapping to help commercialize its 'carbon fiber aerogel' technology.

After a series of successful trials, the company is looking for fresh funding to take the technology to scale and tap into an expected surge in demand for new water purification technology as Hyflux, the operator of the city-state's biggest desalination plant, teeters on the brink of liquidation.

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