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Emerging mineral processing technology company, Zeotech Limited (ASX: ZEO, "Zeotech" or "the Company") is pleased to advise that it has achieved promising early-stage results from pilot-scale trials undertaken by Griffith University ("Griffith"). The trials were undertaken over a three-month period and completed in February 2022.


The encouraging results highlight the potential to sequester long-term soil carbon and endorse the Company's comprehensive dual stream research program in collaboration with Griffith. The aim of the program is to establish scientific validation for developing Zeotech products for applications in two high potential areas of carbon markets and agricultural nutrient management.


Treatments containing Zeotech products consistently exhibited higher organic matter/carbon contents than controls for all soil and organic amendment conditions.

The effectiveness of Zeotech products at protecting against organic matter/carbon loss was much higher than that of the natural minerals (natural zeolite and bentonite).

All materials exhibited high nutrient carrying capacity approaching 10% by weight. This is particularly promising for Zeotech products and expands potential for a competitive fertiliser delivery platform.
Nitrogen carrying capacity was observed at approximately two times greater, and phosphorous up to five times greater in Zeotech products when compared to natural zeolites and bentonites.

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Desorption results indicate that a small proportion of the zeolite-held nutrients are immediately available to plants. This highlights the potential for a controlled (slow release) delivery of nutrients to plants in the soil environment.
Griffith University, School of Environment and Science | Australian Rivers Institute, Dr. Chris Pratt commented:

"Achieving organic soil carbon protection levels averaging 25% compared with controls, combined with high nutrient carrying capacity and slow-release potential are exciting early findings.

The results increase confidence in achieving desired outcomes in the comprehensive program underway at Griffith, aimed at research targeting the development Zeotech products for improved fertilizer delivery and enhanced soil carbon retention."

Zeotech, Managing Director Peter Zardo added:

"These promising results will inform the design of larger trials that will commence within weeks and further validate Zeotech's commitment to developing solutions to enhance sustainable farm productivity and expand carbon market opportunities for the agricultural sector.