Source Water Monitoring

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Source Water Monitoring



Protect and Understand Your Source Water with Reliable Measurements and Continuous Monitoring

Are you having to base your source water management decisions on the sporadic collection of a data point or two?

If so, good news: In-Situ solutions for spot checking and remote monitoring can put a wealth of accurate water quality data at your fingertips for less than you think and with minimal training.

With more data on your critical parameters, it’s easier to
✔️ Understand the characteristics of your river and reservoir water sources
✔️ Anticipate and respond to events such as harmful algal blooms
✔️ Tailor your process for greater efficiency and lower cost
✔️ Reduce risk and ensure compliance 
Gone are the days of guesswork based on scant data.

Affordable instrumentation and cellular telemetry, a powerful app for easy data access on your phone, and flexible data management options from In-Situ can put you in control of your source water and support your process decisions.

Collect accurate readings on the spot

For handheld readings on multiple water quality parameters, start with the compact, Bluetooth-enabled Aqua TROLL 500, and view, manage and share data right from your phone with the incomparable VuSitu mobile app.

Our fast-response temperature, dissolved oxygen and pH sensors save time. While instant graphing on VuSitu tells you exactly when to start and stop data recording.

Designed to work together, this intuitive instrumentation and software is so easy to use, your techs will be up and running in no time.

Let your data come to you

VuLink cellular telemetry has changed remote monitoring forever. What used to be a cumbersome and expensive undertaking is now as simple as connecting your instrument and pressing a button.

Monitor one location or many with a surprisingly affordable setup that streams data continuously. Choose HydroVu data services for network-wide visibility and user-friendly data management. Or use our simple API to pull data into your own system.

Gone are the days of guesswork based on scant data. Now you can get better understanding of what’s happening in your source water, without stressing staff or breaking the bank.

Trust In-Situ equipment to deliver better data at a reasonable cost, so you can make informed decisions in real time.