Suez to ​Reduce Phosphorus Levels in ​Sensitive Lake ​by 90% ​

Suez to ​Reduce Phosphorus Levels in ​Sensitive Lake ​by 90% ​

Skanderborg Water and Wastewater Utility, the publicly owned utility in Skanderborg, Denmark, has selected SUEZ’s Densadeg* XRC™ - Extreme Rate Clarifiers - as the tertiary treatment technology for the expansion of its wastewater treatment plant.

The selection comes at a time of increased public attention on stormwater overflows into Danish lakes. It is expected to reduce phosphorus discharged into the environmentally sensitive Svanesø, or “Swan Lake,” from stormwater runoff by 90 percent. The project will serve as the first public reference for Densadeg XRC for this type of application in the world.

Representative image: Lake near Skanderborg, Denmark (source: Wikimedia, labeled for reuse)

“Meeting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals has been a high priority for the Danish public. As such, we expect this project to get a significant amount of attention from the water technology community,” said Per Krøyer Kristensen, CEO of SUEZ in Denmark. “It’s gratifying to know that our technology was selected to help protect water quality in Denmark’s iconic lake district.”

The Densadeg XRC uses a high-rate settling clarifier process which combines solids contact, ballast addition and solids recirculation to provide enhanced deposition of solids. The technology’s design allows for flexibility in terms of design choice, footprint, and operation requirements.

The treatment system, designed in partnership with Skanderborg Utility, will use two lines of Densadeg XRC. The design ensures operation during normal times and during peak flows where the utility can experience up to three times normal load, such as during the week of the Skandeborg Festival.

“This project has offered us a good opportunity to showcase our stewardship of the natural environment. We’re excited to work with a partner that can contribute so much to our sustainability goals,” said Jens F. Bastrup, CEO in Skanderborg Utility and founder of AquaGlobe – Water Solution Center. “AquaGlobe is a visitor center demonstrating many state-of-the-art water technologies from corporate partners. We look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world.”

The project is expected to commission in Q3 2019.

Through this win and this new reference in Denmark, SUEZ pursues its development, providing leading-edge water treatment systems and technologies to municipalities and industries around the world.

Source: SUEZ Water Technologies