Technology-as-a-Service: New CAD Integration Speeds Up Water Treatment Planning and Installation

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Technology-as-a-Service: New CAD Integration Speeds Up Water Treatment Planning and Installation

AQUA4D is now offering a comprehensive service for professionals working in water systems for buildings infrastructure, increasing efficiencies and expediting the pre-installation and installation processes.

What is “TaaS” and why is it important?

The best results with AQUA4D® are achieved in collaboration with planning teams and plumbers, and with ongoing consultation. This is our ‘Technology-as-a-Service” (or “TaaS”) concept – not merely selling our cleantech but offering pre-installation, installation, and ongoing assistance thanks to our team of water treatment experts.

Given the importance of making our water systems more sustainable, we have now made all installation documentation open source and accessible.

Plumbers and water infrastructure planners can now easily download all required CAD elements and other helpful documents like a quick guide for designers. Our Technical support team helps dimensioning the systems and validates installation schemes. This way they can easily see where AQUA4D® would fit in, and are sure to have the perfect setup. Then, our team accompanies and instructs plumbers on site visits to ensure the smoothest possible installation process.

➡️ Check out our new CAD Downloads page here.

Ongoing progress monitoring

When installing AQUA4D®, various elements need to be considered, such as grounding measurements and the electromagnetic (EM) situation around the installation site.

The AQUA4D® technical team follow up with post-installation check and annual or bi-annual inspection of the “monitoring tube” – a smart removable piece of piping to check on progress in removing corrosion or limescale inside the pipes.

Markus Schwery, Head of Technical Support, believes this will further increase the efficiency of the AQUA4D® system in solving stubborn water infrastructure issues: “By working hand-in-hand with water professionals, we can ensure the greatest efficacies and avoid errors if not familiar with AQUA4D. Water treatment is a complex business, so the more disruptive factors we can remove, the better.”

Ultimately, boosts Return on Investment (ROI) too, with less costly maintenance resulting in fewer running costs. Precious time is saved for plumbers and planners, and for AQUA4D® further efficiencies bring the company closer to its goal of sustainably transforming water systems in Switzerland and beyond.

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