The E-Chlor Dispenser for Easy Disinfection of Water (White Paper)

The E-Chlor Dispenser for Easy Disinfection of Water (White Paper)

New way to conveniently produce chlorine for water purification


A new method is available to produce chlorine for water purification: The E-Chlor Dispenser. The E-Chlorine dispenser offers you a high level of convenience, reliability and safety when producing germ free drinking water. No longer chlorine has to be bought expensively; no need to pay longer for transportation; or finding a safe place to store the aggressive liquid. And stinging eyes belong from now on to the past. Even the environmental is saved using the E-Chlor Dispenser.

How it works

E-Chlor dispenser turns the saline solution into pure chlorine gas using an electrochemical cell. The chlorine gas produced is automatically mixed with the water and within 30 minutes fter production the water has transformed into clean sparkling drinking water.

And for producing the salt solution you simply make use of a fixed amount of table salt, dissolve it and water and let our E-Chlor Dispenser do the rest. Just like that.

E-Chlor Dispenser is located in the feedline running from bore well to water reservoir. It works automatically and safely. And it offers the same sanitation performance as the old fashioned manual chlorine addition. But now without the drawbacks. No need to buy, transport and store expensive chlorine compounds. No more odour, stinging eyes, irritated skin and bleached of your cloth when spilling the chlorine.

Learn more details about this device in the white paper attached below.