The Water Network - What does member Rank mean?

The Water Network - What does member Rank mean?

Rank is a combination of "Industry Experience" (maximum 5) and "Community Tally" (maximum 5) for a total maximum of 10.

It is a quick way to identify very experienced professionals and those who are contributing the most to our knowledge sharing on the network.

Community Tally is a calculation of the relative "value" of members activity on the Network. Every contribution has points assigned (answer to a question, posting an article, blog, product, water wall post... Extra points are assigned for content that is liked by members. Total points are time based and compared to the member with the highest Tally so that each members total community Tally is relative to the "most valuable" contributor.

Industry Experience is a combination of degrees, years of work experience, and present level in an organization.

The final Rank is the sum of Industry Experience and Community Tally. It is displayed on each members profile.