Training on Design & Operation of Various Water Treatment Equipment

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Training on Design & Operation of Various Water Treatment Equipment

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EverythingAboutWater invites you to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge on water treatment design & operation by participating in Online Training on Design & Operation of Various Water Treatment Equipment including RO & UF on 16th & 17th March 2022. Professionals working in all phases of water treatment, design, operation, planning, and management will benefit from this training programme. Please review the information below and propose delegates from your organization.

By attending this course, delegates will learn:
How to Evaluate the Existing Water treatment System
How to enhance the performance of Existing Water Treatment plant as a whole
How to design the Advance Water treatment Plant or Include Add on units
Water treatment Plant Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance in Any Industry.


Water, its Source and Characteristics
The Physical, Biological and Chemical impurities of water, analysis & its interpretation
Brackish and Saline water, pH, its measurement and relation with mg/l of Alkali and acids (with exercise)
Relationship between pH and Alkalinity
Alkalinity and hardness relationships, Temporary and permanent hardness & its relationship with Total Dissolved Solids, Raw water flocculation and Coagulation.
The equipment needed for settling/Clarifying of Water
The Design of Clarifiers including the Flash Mixers, Flocculation Chamber and Clarifier
The Design of Sand filter and the significance of Sand Under bed layering
The Design of Activated Carbon filters and the Under-bed Layering, significance of Activated Carbon Iodine Value and Adsorption capacity

Introduction, evolution & importance of membrane Technology?
The Micron, Ultra, Nano and Hyper Filtration.
Membrane Materials, Reverse Osmosis membrane Configuration and Modern RO membrane material
Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis
The Ultrafiltration membrane Configuration and explanation of IN to OUT or OUT to IN UF configuration and Cross flow V/S Dead End Filtration
FLUX and Membrane Area and its impact on Membrane system Design, UF plant design
Reverse Osmosis Plant design and understanding the meaning of Beat factor on last elements, SDI, LSI, the Flux and Area of membrane, Salt passage and Membrane rejection
The RO Plant Design with the help of RO Software (Hydranautics or Filmtec)
The various Aspects and Configuration of RO Membrane Arrangements (Staging and Passes), Design of BWRO, Design OF SWRO
The Control system of RO plant, LPS/HPS and Control Valve design with CV value, Maintenance of RO Plant
Chemicals Cleaning for UF and RO plant, Dosing Chemicals and Dosing Pump Calculations
Case study of a WTP Plant
Group Exercise, QnA, e-certificate of participation, soft copy of presentation for future reference & much more

Rajat Malhotra is a dedicated water treatment expert with over 2 decades of experience as a Team leader and a thorough understanding of numerous business processes. A proven track record as a Profit Center Expert who can set up and manage Profit Centers on their own. He has gained practical practical and hands-on in-depth knowledge & expertise in Complete Water Treatment, Treatment Processes, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Pumps and Pumping applications, Water handling, Hydro-pneumatic systems, Waste water treatment etc. over the course of his professional career spanning over two decades.