Turning cow manure into clean water and dry fertilizer

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Turning cow manure into clean water and dry fertilizer

Sedron Technologies’ VarcorTM system provides a highly efficient solution for processing liquid waste streams that concentrates and recovers the outputs into pathogen-free solid and liquid fractions. This approach to treatment is applicable to liquid waste streams such as:

• Wastewater biosolids
• Wastewater sidestream nutrient removal (both nitrogen and phosphorus)
• Dairy waste
• Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) digestate
• Raw septage

The VarcorTM can process any liquid waste stream with suspended or dissolved solids in it. Please reach out to Sedron to learn how The VarcorTM can help you handle your unique waste stream.



The VarcorTM technology is fundamentally based upon a well-proven process known as mechanical vapor recompression. The solid and liquid fractions are separated through thermal evaporation and the resulting vapor is sent to a compressor, where it undergoes mechanical recompression. The compressed vapor is then used as the heat source for the evaporation process. The low boiling point constituents (such as ammonia) are concentrated separately through a patented process.



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