United Utilities Innovation Lab Finalists 2019

United Utilities Innovation Lab Finalists 2019

Meet our Innovation Lab finalists


Following the success of the first Innovation Lab, we selected teams to join its second cohort. The suppliers who hail from the UK, Denmark and Australia will collaborate with us for 10 weeks, developing their ideas while gaining invaluable access to our resources and industry-leading insight from specialist mentors. At the end of the programme, we will work with the teams to determine the best commercial relationships allowing the new products or services to be implemented as part of ‘Business as Usual’. 

  1. FIDO i nserts free-floating spheres in water network pipes to help detect leaks and air pockets.

  2. EMU analytics

  3. Vapar  helps speed up the repairs of their underground pipes

  4. AquaConsultants

  5. AJEA Products Ltd are looking to test their new concept in flood resilience.

  6. Headlight AI

  7. Neptune Solutions