UVT Monitoring for raw inlet in drinking water - Photonic Measurements

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UVT Monitoring for raw inlet in drinking water - Photonic Measurements

UVT Monitoring for raw inlet in drinking water

Listowel, Ireland

Photonic Measurements had the opportunity to provide Irish Water with an UVT inlet monitor solution at one of their Kerry County Council water treatment plants.

Screenshot 2022-12-22 at 23.38.56.pngThe site pumps heavily peated river water into it's treatment works. The plant supplies a local population of 14,700 with 9,700 m³ of clean drinking water per day.  The site has had historical ploblems with THM (Trihalomethanes) and has installed multiple UVT monitorig systems over the years, from multiple manufacturers none that have failed to provid working soloutions.

Photonic Measurements were tasked with supplying a monitoring UVT solution to provide accurate, consistent real-time measurements. 

An initial site survey was conducted with the plant operator, capuring their needs and a project plan was developed for the installation that incorporated their site specific needs. 

The installation was designed to supply a unique set of measurements tailored to the local environmental and geological features that are specific to the west of Ireland. 

The deviceimmedietly supplied a set of results that matched the bench test on the onsite lab.

"The benefit to us from the real-time data is that we optimise a number of our process and respond faster to changes in the inlet supply. This will reduce the  spend on floculatants and sludge disposal"