Veolia Launches First Complete Carbon Reporting Platform in the UK

Veolia Launches First Complete Carbon Reporting Platform in the UK

Many businesses may be confused where to start when it comes to looking at the carbon they are producing.

With recent YouGov research revealing that 61% of C-suite executives have not set out a target to reduce their carbon emissions, Veolia, the UK’s leading environmental solutions provider, has launched a new web-based platform for the UK that can evaluate the complete carbon and water use of business activities. Aimed at helping organisations determine their real carbon footprint, the tool, called GreenPath , provides a true picture of achievement, carries out biodiversity diagnoses at the scale of a physical site, and contributes to strategic future planning.

Unique in the market, GreenPath is fully adapted to measuring impacts from energy, water, and waste operations and has been designed to integrate future resource efficiency activities. Designed to deliver site-wide analyses GreenPath will help all kinds of businesses and public sector organizations meet their commitments for carbon reporting covering footprint calculation and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction, potentially saving them thousands of pounds per year. It will also help organisations of all sizes meet their own regulatory obligations and achieve their environmental performance objectives through long-term improvement plans.

Externally recognised the tool complies with international standards including ISO 140641, ISO 14069 Standards, and the GHG Protocol, and was certified in November 2018 by the Interprofessional Technical Center for Atmospheric Pollution Studies, CITEPA , based in Paris. To ensure accuracy and compliance the platform is continuously updated to take account of legal and scientific changes, and tracks indicators over time to produce a wide range of reports. The tool is also upgradeable to enable integration of new activities on demand.

Veolia are carbon positive with a positive Carbon Performance Ratio (CPR) of 1.05 in 2017 against a background of business growth, and saves customers 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions that contribute to the goals in the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan by targeting environmental impacts.

In research conducted by Veolia and Imperial College, the waste and resource sector is projected to single-handedly save over 200 million tonnes of carbon emissions between the years 2023 - 2032, with more than 10% contributed to the UK’s anticipated carbon budget shortfall during this time period.

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