Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment

 The GlobeCore company more than 50 years is manufacturing vortex layer units. The electromagnetic vortex layer unit (AVS) is applied to intensify the process of 

·  wastewater treatment

·   acid water neutralization, 

·  sewage water treatment, 

·  water purification and disinfection.

  All the processes occur continuously without tanks with mixers. Processes are intensified in the AVS by mixing and dispersion of components, acoustic and electromagnetic influence, cavitation, high local pressures ,  and electrolysis.

  The AVS electromagnetic vortex layer units are highly efficient in the decontamination of the industrial waste streams. 

    Chemical and physical processes in the vortex layer devices are intensified and accelerated due to the intensive dispersion and mixing of the processed material, acoustic and electromagnetic influences, high local pressures, electrolysis, and other factors. All the processes above occur in the same chamber.