WPL Wins Holiday Park Wastewater Contract

WPL Wins Holiday Park Wastewater Contract

Wastewater ​treatment ​specialist WPL ​has won a ​contract to ​provide onsite ​wastewater ​treatment at a ​holiday park in ​Cornwall. The ​underground ​installation at ​Juliots Well in ​North Cornwall ​will replace ​the existing ​septic tank and ​includes ​a WPL HiPAF (​high performance ​aerated filter) ​modular ​treatment plant.​ ​

This includes:

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Civil ​engineering ​specialist Aqua-​Tech Consultancy ​made the ​initial contact ​with WPL and ​together the ​parties ​arranged a ​client visit to ​see a similar ​installation at ​Home Farm ​Holiday Centre ​in Somerset.​ ​The new 1,230 ​population ​equivalent ​system will ​process up to ​181m3 ​wastewater per ​day without ​impeding on the ​site’s ​sweeping views ​of the Cornish ​landscape.​

WPL’s ​technical ​director, ​ Andrew Baird, ​said, “​WPL has a ​strong track ​record in ​providing ​wastewater ​treatment for ​sensitive ​locations where ​integration ​with the ​landscape and ​the expectations ​of visitors are ​top priorities.​ ​

“We are very pleased with this ​contract win, ​which will meet ​the needs of ​this stunning ​site now and ​into the future ​as visitor ​numbers ​increase. We ​are already ​working in ​close ​collaboration ​with the client ​and consultant ​to understand ​the specific ​needs of ​Juliots Well ​and deliver the ​best value ​whole-life cost.​”​

Design ​considerations ​include ​ensuring that ​the stringent ​Environment ​Agency effluent ​discharge ​permit for ​biological ​oxygen demand, ​suspended ​solids and ​ammonia is met. ​The system will ​also accommodate ​variations in ​load as visitor ​numbers rise in ​the peak season ​and fall in the ​winter months.​

Juliots Well ​Holiday Park is ​a rural retreat ​set in 33 acres ​of countryside ​near Camelford ​and is owned by ​South West ​Holiday Parks, ​part of the ​Worldteam ​Limited group. ​Installation of ​the full ​treatment ​system is ​taking place at ​the end of the ​2019 holiday ​season. ​

WPL will ​supply ​three ​biological ​treatment tanks ​and two final ​settlement ​tanks along ​with ​a flow ​measurement ​chamber with ​monitoring ​equipment.​

A global system ​for mobile ​communications (​GSM) will be ​incorporated ​into a special ​control panel ​covering ​blowers, sludge ​pumps and a ​high-level ​alarm. An extra-​large kiosk ​will house the ​controls and ​will feature a ​flashing alarm ​beacon. ​

Worldteam ​Limited’s ​managing ​director Josh ​Donald said, ​“We are ​passionate ​about providing ​our visitors ​with a first-​class ​experience, ​while ensuring ​that we ​minimise our ​impact on the ​landscape and ​the environment.​ ​

“The ​opportunity to ​see a similar ​WPL treatment ​system in ​operation has ​been very ​helpful in ​visualising the ​project. I look ​forward to ​seeing the new ​system in place ​and serving our ​customers as we ​grow.”​

Source: WPL International