Xylem and Waterboys Are Helping Bring Clean Water to Americans

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Xylem and Waterboys Are Helping Bring Clean Water to Americans

For 34 years, Steve and Lana Gleason had to drive 40 miles to collect water for their home in rural Oregon. As the couple aged, the task became more difficult and even dangerous, especially for Steve who lives with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The challenge for reliable water became increasingly strenuous as the pandemic arose. Thanks to encouragement from a neighbor, the Gleasons applied for assistance through the Water Well Trust (WWT), a nonprofit arm of the Water Systems Council established to provide wells for Americans who do not have a safe drinking water supply.

To provide the Gleasons with support, the WWT connected the family with Xylem Inc. and The Chris Long Foundation. Xylem has joined forces with The Chris Long Foundation and its signature initiative, Waterboys, which is dedicated to bringing water security to communities around the world. Founded by NFL champion Chris Long, the Waterboys' goal is to provide access to clean drinking water for one million people worldwide, making the organization a natural partner for Xylem. The partnership is activated by Xylem's Goulds Water Technology brand, with the assistance of Watermark, the company's corporate citizenship and social investment program.

Some in the U.S. might be surprised to learn that water accessibility challenges may exist within their communities. Across the country, more than 1.5 million Americans lack access to clean and sustainable water. As we all spend more time at home when water is more crucial than ever in supporting health, having a reliable water source also increases in importance.

“One thing no one should have to worry about, especially during such uncertain times, is having access to clean, safe water,” said Susan O’Grady, director, Americas Building Services & Agriculture, Xylem. “But, in fact, there is a very real water crisis in the U.S., which is being further compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, our unique position in the water sector in coordination with our national and global partners, gives us the great honor and responsibility to address these water challenges swiftly.”

Funding for the project was supplied by Goulds Water Technology, our generous distributor partners, Goulds Professional Dealer Association members and Waterboys, through their domestic program Hometown H2o. Through this meaningful partnership and coordination with the WWT, the Gleasons were able to gain a sustainable well that will provide them with safe, reliable water for many years to come.   


Xylem is honored to be a part of the program and grateful for the impact that can be made in accessibility to a crucial resource. For more information about the partnership, visit https://info.xyleminc.com/waterboys-homebase.html.

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