Amazing Facts About Water

There is a plethora of amazing facts about water that you probably didn't know, but, thanks to this article, you will have one more reason to treasure the invaluable commodity. Here are two of the amazing facts:

We all know that water was the main component of the formless earth during creation time. Some contend that water existed even before God created the heavens and the earth while others posit God created an earth full of water, nothing else. Well, whoever is right, it doesn't matter. One thing is evident though; water was crucial from the very beginning. There had to exist a solid basin on the earth for there to be water; there had to be a distinction between the basin and the water. The probable inflections of these expressions then start to take form. With the physical occurrence of wind, which swept over the surface of the water, comes the implications of how water came to be.

Another amazing fact is that the earth is largely composed of water (around 70%), and the same goes for our bodies; 70% (80% at birth) of our weight is fluid or water. Water is also a vital component in plants: tomatoes are composed of 95% water, cucumbers are 98% water, and potatoes are 80% water. Yet, we don't slosh when we walk or go about our activities. Not unless we are playing with fluid filled boots or shoes. If at first you didn't believe that water is essential, I am sure that this information has not only convinced you but it has invoked a sense of responsibility. Humans need water all the time; a healthy person can consume up to 48 cups (3 gallons) of safe water a day. However, too much of anything, including water, can lead to intoxication. Water intoxication is common among athletes who consume more than the body needs.